Cayden Shadowstep

Stealthy, Agile, and Master of Tracking and Finding


Str 17

Dex 18

Con 16

Int 18

Wis 16

Cha 13

AC 14

Fort 5

Reflex 6

Will 3

Hp 14


Cayden prides himself on being able to track anything and everything, a bounty hunter by trade, he enjoys the thrill of the hunt and catch. Cayden has a chip on his shoulder though as he tries to hide his tiefling heritage because as he was growing up he was scorned and looked down upon for his abyssal blood. He has a habit on trying to keep his horns ground down and he fingernails short and neat.

Cayden is about 6’ 1” tall and weights about 180 pounds. His hair as well as his eyes are black( he prides these attributes as they assist in his stealthy movement). He hides face and most of his body in a cloak at all times sans when he is in combat.

Cayden Shadowstep

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