The Hill

Standing just south of the Citadel of Lanterns lies the mud built towers of the enigmatic d’ziriaks. Like a massive termite colony the alien structures are known locally as the Mound. Whereas the rest of Balefire is festooned with lanterns the Hill bears none, though it’s slopes teem with the soft glow of luminescent fungi and wisps of color dance from the earthen towers as the d’ziriaks themselves communicate with each other in their bizarre scintillating language.

The finest pottery in the City of Lantern is built or grown beneath the Hill, the d’ziriaks able to organically form the sand and clays of the Witchfire Wastes or the shadestone of Nightcrawler Canyon. As alien as the d’ziriaks seem their adobe shops inhabited and staffed by dark elves and human in equal numbers.

Inhabitants of the Hill

Hehranna of the Seven Veils (N female d’ziriak wizard 7 [illusionist]) is the warm and lively propriator of the Mounds small but well attended Shrine of Sivanah, Goddess of Illusions. Though Hehranna is a practiced illusionist she also is known to have some psychic talents and can see peoples fortunes in their shadows. As she cannot speak save for the strange d’ziriak language, her prophecies are interpreted by a young svirfneblin priestess, Anlathi Merilain whose vivid green hair is said to be a sign of the nature deity Gozreh’s favor (though it is considered unlucky in Balefire).

Ph’xeris the Magnificent (CN male d’ziriak aristocrat 2/wizard 7 [universal]) is an eccentric artist whose multi-terraced tower is crammed with insane paintings, statues of iron, and clay sculptures of twisted things (including aberrations) so realistic he must have used living examples as reference. Ph’xeris is obsessed with having the building with the most number of doors in the City. He has personally installed hundreds of them (many of which open outside on the upper floors) in his adobe over the years. Although eccentric, he’s fairly harmless and is known to accept commissions on magic items (scrolls, wondrous items, arms/armor, wands and rings).

The Hill

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