The Cemetery of the Haunted Tyrs

In the heart of the slums of Balefire’s Darkflash District sits The Cemetery of the Haunted Tyrs, a tiny neglected graveyard littered with broken headstones and other debris. Thirty years ago, its owner and caretaker, Illius Tyrs, excavated underneath the graveyard, leaving its surface relatively undisturbed but evicting all of its former “residents”. Seduced by clearly unfounded rumors of a hidden artifact beneath The Cemetery, the Fetchling squandered everything he owned in his ill-conceived search.

As his search continued, Illius withdrew into himself, spending nearly twenty cycles a day toiling beneath The Cemetery. Nearly all shunned him, as he would hold conversations with his nonexistent “workers”. Those who witnessed the bizarre discussions theorized that the spirits of those evicted from The Cemetery haunted Illius.

After the completion of the first phase of the excavation, a crypt-like vault existed beneath The Cemetery. At the end of the day of its completion, Illius staggered up from the vault, gaunt and exhausted, and exclaimed, “It is finished!” He then collapsed in a lifeless heap, never drawing breath again.

On Illius’ death, ownership of Haunted Tyrs passed to his daughter, Fairlil Tyrs. Only an infant at the time, Illius’ lone descendant knew nothing of The Cemetery for nearly ten years.

At age fifteen, however, Fairlil returned to the abandoned crypt-like vault. A budding alchemist, she converted the vault into an alchemical laboratory and alchemy shop. Fifteen years later, The Cemetery of the Haunted Tyrs is the most frequented alchemy business in the slums for those seeking untraceable alchemical goods.

The Cemetery of the Haunted Tyrs

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