Midnight's Muddle

The Streets of the Muddle are narrow and the chimneys often cloy it’s alleys with the tangy stink of burning coal. Stretching north from the Low Market and west of the Lanterns Gate the Muddleare traveled by locals for the most part and the looming city walls and buildings off beacon street tower over the modest district. The Low Market, a large square that hosts crowded daily markets that draw customers and entertainers from throughout the city’s less affluent districts, has nearly anything that one could ask for in the City of Lanterns (anything in the Equipment chapter of the PFRPG and magical item on the minor tables). The clusters of townhouses comprising the bluk of the Muddle house from 10-30 people in small cramped flats. the tenants here are nevertheless friendly and open. The tenaments all belong to Kerril Besk (LN male human aristocrat 2/expert 1), a fair and just landlord who makes a tidy fortune on rent gathered from these buildings. Kerril himself lives in the Shadowgate district and only visits the Muddle when forced to collect late rent.

Notable locations within the Muddle

A Tinge of Vellum: Madame Alexia Tinge (LN female human expert 3, [Linguistics +9]) is a bookish, reed-thin woman who dresses in woolen clothes. She sells quality vellums (along with paper, parchment, quills, and inks) from this shop, and is never afraind to give her customers a somewhat shrill report on the rising prices of producing fine writing materials in the Shadow Plane. A life-long spinster, she shares the upper floor with her three older (and equally shrill sisters) Agatha, Tyara, and Zelaria.

The Painted Man: Although many locals find his appearance fearsome (he’s covered in tattoos of writhing worm-like dragons) Hubris (N male fetchling expert 2/bard 4, Craft [tattoo] +14) is a kindly soul. He stands over 6 feet tall and weighs 250 pounds, and generally walks around half-naked to show of his wares. Hubris’ favorite subject is dragons, but he is skilled at crafting any tattoo. His works are not cheap, with a small tattoo the size of a coin costing 1gp. an apple sized tattoo can cost up to 10gp, while large tattoos (such as the sinuous dragon that coils along his shoulder and down his right arm) can cost 100gp or more. His greatest works are Magic Tattoos that store spells. These tattoos function as potions-once used they vanish. Hubris can make magic tattoos of the following spells: alter self, cat’s grace, cure light wounds, detect magic, disguise self, or expeditious retreat. Their cost equalks the cost of a potion of the same spell. Creating a magic tattoo takes one day, and only the bearer can be affected by it’s magic. Activation is a Standard action that provokes an Attack of Opportunity.

Yalexex’s Abode: the eccentric artist Yalexex (CN half-elf expert 10) who lives here was attracted by the cheap rent and lives in poverty in his rooftop garret. The floor below is a rickety open space in which he stores his painting supplies. The paintings themselves (all wonderful and masterfully done portraits of famous citizens of Balefire) are kept in a stack under a ratty blanket in the corner. The handsome, silver haired, dusky skinned, half dark elf is often covered in colorful phosphorescent paints, and he talks quickly and often changes subjects in mid-sentence. Yalexex paints people who catch his eye – most of his portraits are o average people he met on the street who possessed some hidden aspect that intrigued him.

Midnight's Muddle

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