Lictor Ferrus Bane

Gray hair and deep wrinkles do little to hide the shrewd cunning in this seasoned general's steely gaze. Nor has age sapped the strength to wear the acid-etched platemale of the Order of the Brand.


Lictor of the Hellknight Order of the Brand, Ferrus Bane rose to power in the Goblinoid War establsihing order in the realm to facilitate trade through the Conerica Straits.

Finding a rich vein of ore in the foothills of the surrounding mountains Lictor Bane established his order’s stronghold at the mines and began impressing brigands, rabble-rousers, and traitors to Cheliax (like Andoran freedom fighters) into hard labor. Now the Mines of Isger are known as a prison where none have escaped from.

Lictor Ferrus Bane

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