The City of Lanterns

Star Date 8675309

Being chained to Laz hasn’t been so bad. We’ve put on our first impromtu show. The crowd went nuts. I’s think that performing taint so bad ya know? Hopefully soon we get out of dees chains, starting to leave a mark. Lets see the upside to dees chains. I always has someone to help me fight. OK, nows the downside. Well we drown cause Laz can’t climb obviously. The old Hag did her coochie dance on us to brings us back. Me thinks having dees chains helps me move faster than the others. For biggens, they sure do walks slow. When we gets to Balefire and gets da chains off….I got a lot of drinking and revenging to do’s. This group ain’t too bad. The tielflings not so bad. One shoots good magic while the other (coughs) has an inner rage issue. (Coughs). The birdman Plek, he and I’s need to get sneaky sneaky when we settle. Seems like a good joe, or bird, or whatever. The girly Mree, nicey nice. She’s does da magic too. I see dis thing lasting a while.



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