The City of Lanterns

"Friends" In Low Places

“H-h-ow much f-farther,” muttered Hala, beginning to shake in anticipation. Mreelana carefully led the haggard drug addict deeper into the sewers, holding aloft her Everburning Torch. The stench grew, but so did Mreelana’s excitement.

“Not much farther, my dear,” cooed Mreelana to the wretched, emaciated woman. Mreelana had surveyed the dingy Shadow Serpent carefully, seeking out some expendable poor soul. Within seconds, she had found one, promising Hala the latest and greatest illicit drug in Balefire.

“Here we are,” declared Mreelana deviously, stopping at the end of the tunnel and pushing Hala out into a chamber housing a junction of sewer lines.

“Your tribute, Muck!” Mreelana called out. A large tentacled creature emerged from the shadows. With an evil, crooked smile, it growled in delight and grasped Hala with one of its tentacles. Hala screamed in terror and struggled to no avail. Muck the Mighty lifted Hala into the air and crushed her body, the snapping and cracking of her bones echoing throughout the chamber.

As Hala’s skin burst open, Muck emptied the contents of her body into his gaping maw. He then proceeded to stuff her lifeless form into his hideous mouth, chewing on it sloppily. After a great swallow, he smiled again.

“Spicy,” Muck purred in a contented tone. “Okay, lady. Muck help you across sewer.”

Muck offered a different, cleaner tentacle to Mreelana. She stepped on, gingerly holding onto it to balance herself as Muck ferried her to the other side of the putrid sewer line. Plek and Cayden were simply stunned, while even Kalib and Lazarus looked on in mild disbelief.

“Thank you, Muck,” Mreelana said, stepping onto the far ledge and feeling strangely exhilarated. Patting his tentacle gently, she smiled. “Until we meet again, Muck the Mighty,” she said with a slight head bow.

“Muck still hungry,” Muck grunted. “Lady bring more tribute next time.”


We’re going to need to start feeding Muck a bit more healthy fare. All this junk food is gonna make him sick.

"Friends" In Low Places

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