The City of Lanterns


Well Im not convinced that freedom is the proper term for the situation I find myself in. Sure, I am out of the prison but this unfair “race” to banishment hardly seems like the life I wanted. This dark plane calls to my blood. I find myself needing the companions I was shackled too as we were escorted out of the prison. Cayden and I share a similar heritage as well as similar desire to keep that heritage out of sight and mind. Mreelana and I have similar talents, it will be interesting to see how her powers grow. I find myself remorseful of the way I treated her while we were shackled together. Plek was my freedom from Mreelana and that has to count for something. Lazerous and Dafter are either truely insane or just happy to be together. My mind isnt totally decided on those two yet. I had hoped that a night in a real bed would give a short reprieve from the constant assault of fear and violence I face in this strange plan. Awakened suddenly by the shouts of Lazerous that they were leaving I found myself forced to drink the curative potion I had managed to to keep from the others. Exhausted, wounded, and on the run again.



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