The City of Lanterns

Act 1: Shadows Draw Near

“Sticks and bones she makes me groan, swinging like a tree it makes her moan. Swing and sway man in dismay, with his bone Goblins Play!”

Awakening to a foul, awful old hag pleasuring me, among other things was just another expected, unexpected event for the day. I fancied she at least earned that for draggin’ me soul back from the abyss. I guess when the fair prince tragically drowns in act 3 I’ll be first in for the part. And those goblins, curious little wretches! And they carry a catchy tune too!

“Mental thought; apparently lodging establishments in this uncheery corner of the multi-verse are far more rustic…”

I was able to locate a sword of decent quality. I’m sure it will spell “Curtains” for someone in this place before my scene is done. There was also a mask of interest. I have to admit things have been quite matchless since acquiring it. Oh, and these manacles. I have grown fond of these.

“Mental thought; even the flowers and fruit here are shit…”

Our final destination better have some elaborate offerings, or I do not think I can bear being here any longer. The darkness sticks to the skin and seeps into the soul.

“Mental thought; one could write the epic tragedy in this place…”



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